What Is an Autoresponder?

One of the questions I hear from my clients, who fall into one of two camps:

  • One group is people who know they can do the technology side, but they choose to spend their time on something they are really good at – something where they can really expand their revenue or their business
  • Or from the other group, who just choose not to learn the technology because they’d rather focus on their core-competencies, is…

“What is an autoresponder?”

Well, the word autoresponder is made up of two words: automatic and responder, so it’s something that automatically responds to people. There are a number of companies out there that you can sign up with (that can provide you with an autoresponder service).

When someone signs up (in other words, they give you their name and their email address), it will automatically start to respond to them (via email), and whether you have one message or 1,000 messages, they are all programmed in and they just go out automatically.

Write the emails once and they go out from now.

Whether you choose to write them yourself or whether you choose to use a professional copywriter, it doesn’t really matter…

What an autoresponder gives you is the ability to go and focus on some other area of your business while it automatically sends the right messages to your prospects, to your leads and to your clients so that you can ultimately grow your business.

It helps you gain leverage.

You can use that leverage to serve more clients, sell more of your products and services, or to reduce the hours you’re currently dedicating to communicating with prospects, leads and customers.

If you want more leverage in your business, I invite you to apply for a strategy session where we can discuss your situation and whether or not an autoresponder is one of the tools you can use to grow your business without working more hours.

Jason Ayers

My mission is simple - to transform the lives of business owners who have built a job for themselves instead of a wildly successful cash-producing asset. Your business should be your servant and not your master - an economic engine that fuels your lifestyle and your legacy. If you're ready for a change, I invite you to a conversation to discover how you can transform your business and your results.