Helping Business Leaders Put The Right Systems, Processes, and People In Place So They Can Sell, Scale, or Shift Gears...

I created Fast Customers after working with companies ranging from small-to-medium sized businesses around the globe to industry giants like Intel Corporation, Home Depot, and Eastman Chemical Company to solve some of their toughest problems.  

We focus on how your business operates, including:

  • Hiring top talent, on-boarding and retention
  • Online lead generation and sales funnels
  • Upgrading to the next business model
  • Increasing profitability and reducing expenses
  • Increasing lifetime customer value and retention
  • Attracting customers when conditions change

Let me walk you through a few common challenges that motivate business owners to reach out and set up a call with us...

Are You Tired of Dealing with Persistent, Ongoing Problems?

You know that "thing" you've been dealing with in your business for far too long?  The thing you wish would just go away...

In my experience, if your business has persistent, on-going problems that you've tried to solve without success, then you've probably been solving the symptoms and not the root cause of the problem.  

This isn't your fault.  The same level of thinking that has created the problem isn't able to solve the problem because the solution requires a different perspective...

It's hard to read the label when you're inside the bottle, which is one of the reason why clients reach out to me.

Putting out fires in your business

Are You Getting Pulled Into Areas Where You Are Weak At The Cost of Not Spending Enough Time In Areas Where You Have "Magic Powers"?

We all have strengths and weaknesses.  Some of your strengths are so strong that other people view them as being like a "magic power."  You may know what that power is, but just in case you're thinking it over, let me give you an example...

Even though I kept dismissing it because it's "easy" to me, coworkers and clients kept coming to me for one thing in particular - I seemed to have a magic ability to take their ideas or their problems and to then quickly play out the potential solutions, strategies and scenarios in my mind. I was able to literally visualize where the opportunities were going to be and where the solutions were going to break down.

To me, it was no big deal - it's just how my mind worked and I assumed most people could do that.  I learned that's one of the key indicators - you tend to dismiss how good you are at something because to you, it's "easy" and you'd do it all day long if you could.

Look at the system before you blame your people

You and each of your employees or contractors have their own "magic powers" and if you're not spending very much of your time doing that, you're limiting your potential and the potential of your business

Do You Want to Work ON Your Business (Instead of Working IN It)?

If you don't change your business model, you'll hit the limits of your time and energy

Some business leaders come to us because they realize that in the pursuit of building a business, they have built a job for themselves.  In some cases, they have ended up being the hardest working, most-stressed employee in the business.  Often, this is exactly the opposite result of what they originally wanted to create.  

Instead of spending their time working ON their business, they became so busy working in their businesses that they didn't have the time or energy to focus on the really big levers that would grow their business and enjoy what they set out to create in the first place.

If You've a Visionary, Meet Your Potential Integrator

I'm not very good at innovating out of thin-air based on trends in the marketplace - that's something visionaries do.  I'm the other half of the equation - I help visionaries turn their dreams into reality.

If you have a problem or a plan and you share it with me, I'm world-class at identifying what needs to be done, the opportunities you may be overlooking, the structural risks hidden in your plan, and the "landmines" you may step on in the future because you're "inside the bottle" trying to read the label on the outside.

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Jason Ayers

Jason R. Ayers
Founder & Chief Integrator
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