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Ontraport Review: Is Ontraport Right For Your Business?

Hi, it’s Jason and I just finished filming a special video for you that looks at whether or not Ontraport is the right marketing automation solution for your business, and I wanted to share it with you.  Here’s why…

First, you’ll get to see all of the different time-consuming tasks that you may be doing now by hand that can be done automatically in Ontraport.  I’ll even give you a sneak-peak into the different things I use it for in my own business.

Second, I’ll reveal some of the common problems that may be hidden in your existing marketing and sales funnel that are costing you lost revenue and wasted time.

Third, while I was creating the video, I decided to throw in a special Ontraport bonus for you if you decide to take Ontraport for a test-drive.  I was in a good mood – probably because of the story at the end of this post :-).

Make sure to watch the video through to the end to check out the bonus.

Here’s How it Works

To claim the bonus, just click here and you’ll go to a special page I created for you so you can tell me where to send the details about claiming your bonus.

Naturally, you get to keep the bonus whether you decide to stay with Ontraport or decide to try something else because at the end of the day, my goal is to help you get up and running with a solution that’s going to help you make more revenue without sacrificing your life to your business.

If You’re Still Thinking About Getting Started, This is For You…

Naturally, trying anything new can seem a little overwhelming or even scary.  I get it – it happens to me too.

Let me tell you a little story that may shift your mindset away from the imaginary difficulties and towards what’s really important in life.

Two days ago, I picked my girls up from school and they asked me if we could go to the park and play.  I remember a time in the past when I would have said, “No, daddy has to work,” and I would have felt guilty because I want to be the best father I can be and because I know how fast time goes by…

It use to really hurt when I had to tell them I couldn’t play with them or that I had to miss one of their events.

Before I knew any better, I was doing a lot of work manually. In those days, I always felt a low-grade tension that I needed to be in the office working or important tasks (and potential customers) would slip through the cracks.

Luckily, I started searching for a way to do things smarter (because I was getting tired of doing it the hard way).

And when I first got started with marketing automation, it seemed like a huge project. But, I took it step-by-step and automated a little bit of my business every day.  Before long, I was free to focus ON my business instead of drowning in it.  But most importantly, I was able to relax and feel a higher degree of freedom.

So, when my girls asked me if we could go to the park and play, I said, “Sure, let’s do it.”

They were thrilled.

They rode their razor scooters, I took photos, pushed them on the swings and we enjoyed real quality time – no phone, no distractions, no tension or guilt that I should be working…

I was fully present and they could feel it.

After they went to bed, I logged onto Ontraport and noticed that while I was at the park, 8 new prospects had joined my various email lists, were automatically segmented into the right groups. Many of them were already reading the reports or watching the videos that Ontraport had sent them automatically.

By the next morning, a few sales came in.

That’s the power of marketing automation and what I want for you – the ability to enjoy your life and run your business at the same time.

Oh, by the way…

The step-by-step strategies I teach in the Ontraport bonus mentioned above are responsible for attracting those 8 new prospects that came into my sales funnels while I was at the park enjoying the sunshine.

Jason Ayers

My mission is simple - to transform the lives of business owners who have built a job for themselves instead of a wildly successful cash-producing asset. Your business should be your servant and not your master - an economic engine that fuels your lifestyle and your legacy. If you're ready for a change, I invite you to a conversation to discover how you can transform your business and your results.